A while back I threatened a crazy cat lady coordinate when I ordered the Hooked on a Feline dress from modcloth; it arrived and here is the resulting fashion crime (complete with appropriated JetJ Mafia-cat belt).

Dress: Hooked on a Feline at modcloth

Tights: I don’t know :(

Shoes: Cat Tapestry Litas by Jeffrey Campbell

Belt: Belongs to Le Cadre du Chat dress from JetJ

I should probably mention that it was my intention to be a bit over the top, were I to be serious about looking nicely coordinated as opposed to cat-mad there would be a lot of solid colours in the rest of that outfit…All those intense staring cat faces on the dress are enough for anyone to take in o_O

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    Hell. Yes.
  2. aerynia said: HAAAAA this is hilariously awesome. I love! Though think you should accessorise with real cats. And maybe that crazy catface purse from Taobao or Jame Marple or whoever the hell sells it, you know the one I mean? DO IT
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    Elegant, classy- ARE THOSE CATS!!!!!!!
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